One of the things that you’ll notice about our website and our office is that we are a little different than most offices you may have been to. We offer:

  • Real solutions – not just masking the problem
  • Answers to your questions and concerns
  • Modern techniques and gentle approaches to helping your body to function better
  • A friendly, safe, competent, and affordable environment that makes TRUE healthcare sustainable

Our Services

Care is available for the whole family, including expectant mothers, newborns, children, athletes and elderly family members.

It is our goal for our patients to understand and participate in each phase of chiropractic care. We offer a lending library and frequent workshops to help the process.

Adjustment Techniques

Our doctors have a combined 40 years of experience. This includes an unwavering focus on correcting the structural issues that stop your body from healing and working well. The chiropractic care in our office involves highly specialized training. If there is a chiropractic technique that you know works well for you, talk to our staff and doctors about it.

Light Force Adjustment
Dr. Keri uses “light force” adjustment techniques by applying specific and extremely light pressure on and around your spine. These “contacts” are applied by hand and affect a direct communication with your central nervous system. This communication “shows” your nervous system how the body holds patterns of tension. The body responds to this information, immediately, by changing or eliminating these patterns of tension. In this way,  your body adjusts itself.

Structural Adjustment
Dr. Michael uses structural adjustment techniques. Those who are familiar would refer to these as “traditional” chiropractic methods. Dr. Michael’s constant study and dedication to mastery of structural techniques has enabled an innovative approach and highly impactful corrections to spinal misalignments ( vertebral subluxation VS ).

Our doctors advanced education includes ( but is not limited to ) the following techniques:
BGI ( Bio-Geometric Integration )
NSA ( Network Spinal Analysis )
Gravitational Pattern Alignment

Bio-Geometric Integration
Both Dr. Keri and Dr. Michael have trained extensively in the BGI technique. This is a fascinating and effective system of analyzing the body for the presence of Vertebral Subluxation (VS) and a protocol for adjusting the VS. BGI was named as one of the top 10 chiropractic adjusting techniques in 2002 by The American Chiropractor, a journal for the chiropractic profession.